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C A M E R A S:

Nikon D7000 

My old friend, she's loyal and reliable as well, also we know each other pretty good, I know what she sees, she knows how I'm going to move the next moment.
I mean she can't, cause she's a camera, but you get the idea.

Nikon D750 

My new friend, she's reliable and loyal!
She can do so much fun stuff like really dope flat profile for further color correction, up to 60 fps filming (and I'm deeply into slow motion!), full frame matrix for capturing more cool stuff and more!

l e n s e s:

Zenitar 28.png

Modern Russian lens made on old soviet blueprints from the 60's. It's smooth as melting ice cream on a hot summer day. Badassly cinematic. It needs a lot of time to work with, but it totally worth it.
It was the main lens for Robby Bloodshed's video "Step on me" and Cantadora's "Trubushka".

Krasnogorsk Zenitar 28 mm, f/2.8

Sigma 17-50 mm 3.png

Fast and serious. All my one shots are made with it and my D7000. Has a slight barrel distortion on the wide end, but this works pretty great during camera movement.
And it's 50 mm on the other end with no distortion and basically portrait opportunities. My first choice for reportage. 

Sigma 17-50 mm, f/2.8
(for APS-C)

Helios 44.png

This is an actual "made in USSR" lens, aperture chnging manually and not step by step, but smoothly which allows to do pretty interesting stuff.

Focus is sharp enough but also has some smoothness.

Secondary lens for "Skin" by Freya Wilcox.

Helios 44-02 58 mm, f/2.0

Nikon 50 2.png

My choice for low light scenes. Focus is sharp, depth of field is short so it's not made for filming on the run, but with some resource of time it can do a lot!
One of the main lenses for Lubimye Pesny Nastinogo Kota – "Kolybelnaya" ("Lullaby") and "Skin" by Freya Wilcox.

Nikon 50 mm, f/1.4

Sigma 28-70 mm, f2.8.png

Another superfast zoom but this time for full frame.
Most recent addition to the family.

Sigma 28-70 mm, f/2.8

Sigma 70-300 mm, f4-5.6.png

It's tele-zoom, works as 105-450 mm with D7000. It's a super nice additional lens for any kind of staged filming.
It's secondary lens for mentioned "Step on me" and  "Trubushka".

Sigma 70-300 mm, f/4-5.6

samyang 85.png

Cine lens for DSLR, not exactly universal, so I use it mostly as an additional lens (for example in Cat Tatt's video "Ice cream"), but there could be exceptions.
Short film "Row 5. Seat 7" was filmed mostly with this lens.

Samyang 85 mm, f/1.5

Krasnogorsk Zenitar 16 mm.png

Diagonal fisheye lens. It gives pretty cine-looking picture. And it's fisheye so it can be used only for specific scenes.
Additional lens for Doktor Kotik's "Ia" and Dead against the cowboy's "Rusted iron horse".

Krasnogorsk Zenitar 16 mm, f/2.8

Superfast lens, picture is similar to other Zenitars in my set, maybe a bit sharper (well, with extra thin depth of field obviously). Because of kinda weird construction has a strong optical vignette while connected to full frame.

Krasnogorsk Zenitar 50 mm, f/1.2

Krasnogorsk Zenitar 50 mm, f1.2.png
Mir 35 site.png

Mir 37 mm, f/2,8

Another soviet made lens slower than Helios, but with wider angle. So it's an alternative for it. Depends on project.
industar 50 site.png

Industar 50 mm, f/3.5

Well tbh there is no strong professional point to have it. It's Soviet made pancake lens. Does it's job and looks retro!

T r i p o d s,  s t a b i l i z e r s  e t c.:

rig .png


So, first on the list is kinda noname rig, which is my favorite thing to go with on any kind of job. It's a plate with 3 bendable handles basically, and it gives me so much freedom during the work. Most of my shots were made with it.

Giotto tripod... some model

It's tripod you know, it stands still, predictable bastard...

Manfrotto 701HDV Video Head

Heavy and because of it smooth head. Panning you softly with this head...

s o u n d:

Tascam DR-05.png

Tascam DR-05

Small, reliable reorder with great quality of sound. I've got it recently, so the most of my live shots sounds not so good.
But these days are over!
Taskam DR-60.png

Tascam DR-60

Portable, professional recorder. 4 channels, 2 XLRs, 1 stereo mini-Jack input, 4 track recording.
Tascam TM-2x.png

Tascam TM-2X

On-camera mic. Originally wasn't made for live and loud music, but did this job considerably good. But it's more like a reportage little shotgun mic really.

l i g h t:


VidPro LED-330 on-camera light

It's not fancy but it does the job. Dimmable, color temperature filters included.
750 with lenses.png
7000 with lenses.png
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